Ayurvedic Fasting & Yoga for Women

A week of Ayurvedic therapeutic fasting and yoga on the beautiful North Sea coast in a relaxed, family atmosphere at the Haus am Watt. Expertly accompanied by the alternative practitioner Dagmar Dührsen, with whom in this week simple and effective measures are learned to relieve the body and do something good for yourself.

In this week you can relieve your body in a gentle way of residues that often make us heavy and sluggish and burden the tissues and the mind - to then start with renewed vigor in everyday life.

The lovingly prepared food is reduced to the Ayurvedic healing food during this week, supplemented by broths, herbal teas and herbal powders. Ayurvedic fasting does not mean a complete deprivation of food, but the restriction to a few foods, a lot of drinking, supplemented by Ayurvedic herbs and spices. So also the pleasure does not come too briefly.

In the morning we meet to practice two hours of relaxed yoga. The calm and mindful exercises with body, breath and mind support the purification and relief of the system. Far away from everyday life, you will find peace and deep relaxation. Previous knowledge of yoga is not required.

Further relaxation is provided by the wonderful Ayurvedic oil massages with the precious herbal oils, which have a cleansing effect from the outside and release metabolic residues from the tissues.

Otherwise, there is plenty of time to enjoy the peace and nature, to read, to go for walks, to simply be with yourself and to recharge your batteries.

Yoga Ayurveda
Dagmar Dührsen
Dagmar Dührsen

Course instructor: Dagmar Dührsen

I am a certified yoga teacher BDY/EYU, alternative practitioner for Ayurveda medicine and have been teaching since 2003. I have been working with people in movement therapy for a long time and with great pleasure and like to pass on the knowledge I have received from my teachers.

I have done several yoga teacher trainings in Germany and India, but I still see myself as a student.  In Viniyoga in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya and Sri T.K.V. Desikachar I have found my home and I am a student of R. Sriram (teacher of the yoga path). My wish is to pass on my love for yoga and the experiences from my own practice in teaching.

I studied Ayurvedic medicine at the European Academy of Ayurveda, learned Ayurvedic massage there and with various teachers. I continue to learn here in Germany and India and do regular internships.

My special love belongs to Ayurvedic herbalism and manual therapy with its wonderful massages, oils and marble therapy.

Prices & Dates:

03. Nov - 10. Nov 2024

Ayurvedic fasting and yoga for women (Dagmar Dührsen)

09. Mar - 16. Mar 2025

Ayurvedic fasting and yoga for women (Dagmar Dührsen)

Included in the price:

- Supervision by the course instructor
- two hours of yoga per day (in the morning)
- yoga mats, blankets and pillows are provided
- two Ayurvedic massages: the full body oil massage "Abhyanga" (60 minutes) and a partial massage (60 minutes) of your choice
- including vegetarian/vegan Ayurvedic full fasting meals

Number of participants: 4-18 

There are 10 full places bookable including massages, up to 18 women can participate in the yoga class.

Course duration:
Daily two hours of yoga per day, except arrival and departure day, on two afternoons or evenings massages. Dagmar Dührsen arranges the massage appointments with the participants on site, if desired also before arrival.

Double as single room:

All rooms in the Haus am Watt are double rooms, which you can also occupy as single rooms, for which we charge the indicated surcharges. In the variant "own bathroom" you occupy a double as a single room with its own bathroom. In the variant "shared bathroom" you occupy a "half" two-room apartment (own, separate double as a single room) and share the bathroom with another person who occupies the other room in the apartment.